What do we need to get started?

The only prerequisite to get started on the token republic dashboard is the installation of MetaMask.

There are no requirements when creating a project on the token republic platform, however we advise that you should, like any ICO, have a project roadmap outlined, a website where investors can find more information about your project and a white paper that outlines your project and any other information.

Is the platform self-service?

 The platform is self-service, however we do plan to offer ICO assistance and tokenomics consultancy.

Are we on the platform indefinitely?

 When creating a crowdsale you are required to enter a start and end date, your project will exist on the platform for this time.

When and how can you draw out funds?

 You will receive funds to your metamask wallet as they are invested.

Any Crowd Sale Creation Fees?

 Ethereum Mainnet requires a gas fee when issuing tokens and creating a crowdsale. However, there are no additional fees.

Difference Between Token and Crowd sale token allocation?

 1. Is Total Supply of Token, this is the number of tokens that are issued when you create a token. You can use the same token on multiple crowdsales, required that the allocation of tokens to each crowdsale does not exceed the total supply of the token.

2. The Crowdsale Token Allocation. This is how many tokens are available to buy via the crowdsale. This supply should equal the amount of funding you want for the crowdsale project i.e you supply 1,000,000 tokens to a crowdsale project these will be sold at the price per token you set.