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Option 2. Deposit ETH to your MetaMask Wallet
If you already have ETH on another Wallet or on an exchange, choose “Directly Deposit Ether”. You will receive your address to copy and use it to transfer or withdraw funds on your platform of choice.

If you require further information on how to withdraw or transfer funds from the wallet or exchange you are currently using please refer to their documentation.


The Token Republic Dashboard


If you have not issued any tokens previously, start by issuing your first token. Issuing Tokens

Otherwise, if you have previously issued a token, it will show up in the front page tokens list as well as under the tokens tab.


If you have not started any crowdsale campaigns, you can start by creating your first crowdsale campaign. Creating Crowdsale – this requires that you have already issued a token on the Token Republic Dashboard

Otherwise, if you have previously created a crowdsale it will show up here on the front page as well as under the crowdsales tab.

Issuing Tokens

The Token Republic Dashboard allows users to accessibly issue tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. These tokens can be distributed which ever way the user wants.

To create a crowdsale the user must issue a token on our dashboard.

To issue a token fill out the required information

Field Value
Name of your token Name of your token (e.g. Token Republic Token)
Symbol for your token Symbol used to uniquely identify your token (e.g. TRG)
Total Token Supply The number of tokens issued. (e.g. 1000000)
Description Add any relevant information about the purpose of this token


Creating Crowdsales

Creating a crowdsale is easy on the Token Republic Platform, we want the user to focus on the development of their project

To create a crowdsale on the Token Republic Dashboard, first issue a token (Issuing Tokens) and then fill out the required information.

Field Value
Select Token A drop down list of tokens that you have issued on the Token Republic Dashboard
Crowdsale Name Name your Crowdsale
Allocate Tokens for Crowdsale Number of tokens you wish to allocate to the crowdsale. This number must not exceed that of the total supply of the token you are using
Price Per Token The price per token, when an investor buys a token this is the price they will be paying
Crowdsale Time The duration of the crowdsale / funding period, set the start and end date.
Capped Crowdsale See information below

Capped Crowdsale

A capped crowdsale sets a limit on the total funding accepted and the number of tokens that will be distributed by the project.

Benefits of a capped crowdsale

A capped ICO helps investors to estimate value per token. It puts out the distribution structure and contributors get to know how many tokens are getting hold by the team and what are the plans to spend raised funds. It can also create a scarcity, thus increasing the value per token.

Minimum and maximum contribution cap help to get more people to participate in the token distribution, you don’t want that all the token get bought by 100 people.


Issues and More Information

For any issues, or more information, please consult the Token Republic Team