Project #6 Investment Fund, 8% Interest annually, paid quarterly
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Indicated Price: Ether
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Funding required NZ$2,500,000  upwards until fully subscribed.

This is a straight investment whereby your deposit stays the same for the term of the investment.

When you withdraw your funds you get back the same amount of money that you put in originally.

The security for your money is a first mortgage over the assets prescribed in the prospectus in the investment documents.

The high quality recently built properties that comprise the security and asset value for the investment.

All properties and investments are managed and administered by highly competent and experienced property and fund managers.

This business can be invested in with TRG (Token Republic Token) or by way of other means by negotiating directly with the contact of this project being:


Ph:  +6421 465511                            


Invest Homes Limited for residential accommodation and project funding requirements.

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