Project #16 A Business Like no other , Consistently Over NZ $1,000,000 Profit
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Normally I don’t promote tourist business’s but this one has remained virtually unaffected by the Covid problems due to its unique activities and unparallelled attractions.

A tourist attraction like no other which is supported almost entirely by local/national people seeking an experience in the untamed and unequalled natural beauty of the hinterland of New Zealand with a range and variety of adventure and experience that is all found together here in one place at one time.

The strategic assets of the business allows it to add value to the customer experience and horizontally integrate the business’s value proposition to spread both its appeal to the public and its benefit to the investor.

First time ever offered to the public by the owners who started the business originally and they are now at an age and stage where they would like to retire and let someone else take this fully managed business to the next stage of enterprenurialship, huge upsides and unlimited opportunities for progress and expansion.

With a consistent profit of over NZ$1,000,000 and the huge upside possibilities the suggested asking price is attractive at around NZ$4,000,000 plus SAV plus GST if any.

This business is being offered with the project owners taking a negotiated share in the business for which they will oversee and supervise all operational aspects of the business and supply continuous business and financial reports to the investors.
This project is available as described at the time of submitting to investors. Once it is fully prescribed it will not be available again

Contact for funding enquiries: MAURICE D BLACKWELL
Ph: 021 465511

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