Project #10 Seeking an Investor/Shareholding partner to promote expansion.
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NZ$600,000 + GST if any.

A well-known Height Safety Business Specialising in Products, Training and Services is looking to build on its market share and expand further in National and International markets.

To do this they are seeking an investor/shareholder to partner in their vision to grow the company to its highly profitable potential.

They have the products, the patents, the software packages, the AS/NZ Manufacturing Licences and new product ideas to expand this business here and around the world.

Health & Safety is a very regulated industry and a priority in virtually every workplace. This business has developed products and services with accompanying training applications and software programmes which have been widely accepted and are now standard practice in the industry.

The business has been established for Five years during which the partners have developed multiple income streams and solid business relationships. They have also invested heavily in ongoing development, with new products now patented here in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

There is a huge demand and potential across multiple industries and in local and international markets that the owners have identified.

To realise this potential the company needs to attract further investment which it invites from an investor/partner and who could also assist with development and growth of this rapidly growing Height Safety business.

.This business is being offered with the project owners taking a negotiated share in the business for which they will oversee and supervise all operational aspects of the business and supply continuous business and financial reports to the investors.
.This project is available as described at the time of submitting to investors. Once it is fully prescribed it will not be available again.

Ph: 021 465511
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