Token Republic

Blockchain Crowdfunding designed for businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed.

What is the Token Republic?

Token Republic offers an efficient crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and developers to build their business with fewer intermediaries, allowing them to focus on development. We want entrepreneurs to delight their customers with a transparent, fair base system, and deliver the best product to them with total transparency. Crowdfunding is the ideal industry for blockchain to enter into and augment. Bringing borders together and making it easier for business to fund their projects without resistance, providing virtual governance for globalisation.


Accessible Crowdsale

The token republic offers an accessible global crowdfunding platform that provides transparency and improved governance from the use of blockchain technology.


We provide business investors to accessibly participate in blockchain via crowdfunding, with the incentive to help grow and be part of a new exciting venture.


We aim to issue requisite information in a structured transparent way, thanks to our technology framework. With ICO marketing solutions coming.

Efficient Issuing

Our dashboard allows accessible issuing of ERC-20 tokens, creating crowd sale projects and a platform to easily connect with investors.


Our team of business and technology experts are committed to blockchain, decentralisation and community-building. Token Republic team is backed by some of the industry pioneers in both blockchain and traditional web business as well. We are backed by The Web company.